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Here you can view some of handmade garden furniture designs.  See something you like – or have an idea? Don’t hesitate to contact us . We design and make to your specific requirements. Simply click on image to enlarge it to take a closer look…

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  1. Catherine Lloyd-Evans says:

    I’m trying to find a little bench table, or table and seats for my children, for the garden. At the moment they’re little – 2 and 4, so I’m looking for a very dainty table. You mention a kids’ section including furniture but I couldn’t see one!
    Can you help?

    • Hi Catherine
      Thank you for contacting us. Yes indeed – we are just about to upload all of our ‘sketches’ of the furniture available to the gallery very shortly. All the furniture we make is custom built to spec. We are currently building a table and two benches and two mini carvers for our own children (3 and 6). Table is just under 3 ft wide and the one we’ve created is 3 ft long too – so pretty square – but you can have them created as you want them. We’ve followed children’s Ikea chair seating heights etc – which work very well – to size the benches and the mini carvers (sizing is fine for both our 3 year old and 6 year old and they’re pretty tall!). All beautifully hand crafted, recycled pine, treated and hand finished. They weather really well – rustic and individual. Very stable for little ones – perfect for outdoor eating and arts & crafts (and can also be brought inside!)
      Hope that helps – if you want a quote – then let us know your specific sizes and your location and we’ll get back to you.
      Best wishes
      Eco Garden Furniture

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